May 26, 2011

How homeopathy helps fight diabetes

Diabetes is a common medical problem which is affecting 6.4% of the world adult population as per WHO research data. This disease is caused either when the body is unable to produce insulin in sufficient amounts, or when the body's cells are unable to use this insulin. This results in the body not being able to convert sugar into energy which it needs.

The purpose of any treatment of diabetes is to keep blood sugar at normal levels. This is achieved by administering insulin or by glucose reduction therapy. Maintaining a healthy diet also very important

Practitioners of Homeopathy believe that the person should be treated, not the disease. They consider man as a triune being, spiritual, mental and physical. All diseases partake of these three realms. They learn the patient's reaction to the disease present, that reactions in spiritual, mental and physical spheres. Then they separate the abnormal from the normal. They gather symptoms and arrange them for study into the three classes mentioned, spiritual being the most important, mental the next and physical last. Patients are watched over a period of time.

Homeopaths administer phosphorous to stabilize blood sugar and energy levels. They use Codeinum to treat skin disease and depression. Some also administer Syzygium as a general remedy.

For patients suffering from diabetes originating from digestion problems (dyspepsia), uranium nitrate is prescribed. For diabetes where the cause is grief, worry or anxiety, phosphoric acid is administered. Lactic acid and Bryonia is known to be effective in treating diabetes originating due to stomach and liver problems.

In addition to all these insulin is administered along with water in appropriate doses by some. But most homeopathic physicians avoid it, regarding it as an element of interference. In fact, patients accustomed to large doses of insulin are enabled to reduce it after beginning homeopathic treatment. Pancreas comes back to normal functioning.

Homeopathy takes time to show results. It may take up to two years to regulate diabetes with homeopathy in some cases.

Dr. C.A.Dixon a homeopathy physician from Akron, Ohio, had reported that a 48 year old lady suffering from diabetes was cured. This lady started treatment on October10th, 1940 and was cured on March 13th 1941.

His report reads as follows: "Oct. 10, 1940. Phos. 2c. Nov. 28, much better. Jan. 2, 1941, Phos. 2c. Jan. 23, worse. Phos. 1M. March 13, sugar free. As no symptoms are given upon which to base the prescription, this case is mentioned simply to show that the remedy alone made the patient sugar free in less than six months and on three doses only."

While Homeopathy has effectively helped people suffering from diabetes all over the world, it is always to consult a general physician to discuss if such treatment would be appropriate.

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